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    You’ve decided to get your first tattoo, Or maybe you’re considering another tattoo. Whatever your situation, you’ve come to the right place.

    Impossible Tattoo Studio is your one-stop resource for tattoo design selection, up-to-date tattoo information, and superior customer service and Tattoos coaching Center. We, started its career as a Tattoo artist in 2004. With his 12 years of professional experience and practices, he has increased his list of customers. We are situated in the heart of Coimbatore with 2 branches. Our creativity is not limited to body art but to body piercing as well and etc..

    With a sterilized working area and established practice of disinfection, customers are observed with special care and also new needle on every tattooing are being ensured. Customers are also instructed for after care before they walk out of our place.


    Our Mission is to create a unique, personal experience for each client through our diverse artistic talent, innovative techniques, modern tools, proven sterilization procedures, and comfortable environment. We make sure each tattoo is a positively memorable experience.

    Whether you are looking for large scale body work, complex asian pieces, creative custom work to exquisite lettering or floral work, We constantly strive to give you something extraordinary in the art of tattooing with creative artwork, positive attitudes, and a unique atmosphere meant to inspire our clients. We strive to maintain the highest standards in ethical tattooing, quality, cleanliness and service.

    We do not believe in running down other studios, its unprofessional and we appreciate healthy competition, but we urge you to visit our artists galleries, and compare to other local tattoo studios before you choose where to have your tattoo's done, it will be with you for life. My goal is to make good life long relationships with all my customers. I am here to stay and you are welcome here anytime.

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